Baking Classes

Learn to bake with our one on one, hands on baking classes that will teach you how to confidently make classic desserts and pastries from start to finish. 

We currently have 2 classes available. First is our french macaron class. You will learn how to make traditional french macarons along with tips and tricks to help you confidently make them at home. Vegan macaron classes also available. Our second option is a pate a choux or cream puff class. You will learn to  make traditional pate a choux dough and the crunchy craquelin topping that elevates this classic pastry. Also available in a gluten friendly option. NEW! With each class, you can add on an additional chocolate tempering lesson. Learn how to temper chocolate and make chocolate garnishes for your desserts.  

Each class will also teach you how to make your desired fillings. Our current selection is caramel earl grey or chocolate cherry. At the end of class, you will take home the recipes and desserts, to share with friends and family (or eat all on your own!).

Currently booking for Wed-Sunday, 10am, 1pm and 4pm classes available from January 4th to January 29th. Send us a message with your preferred date and time to book.